The ROMEOs Movie


Author's Note to Directors/Producers:  Insanity 101 prerequisite to diagnose this logline by its cover.  Imagining beyond is a leap-of-faith.   What's under-cover is not defined by mere mortal 100 words.  Crazy outsiders solving creative concepts differently will materially alter its view.  Optics have their reasons.  May the one who strays beyond realize the awards, pure unadulterated fun & record box in this script. 
LOGLINE TEASER (Comedy/Romance PG-13):  A group of 'Retired-Old-Men-Eating-Out' (The ROMEOs) - in this case world famous aging actors living near LA - go to the same classic diner every week for breakfast to rant about news events and swap war stories, and on this day get into a 'bragging rights' challenge to see who......on a phone bet......wins the waitress!


Diner Waitress

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